Compiled Family-Level Extant Phylogeny


This phylogeny is based off work done for the UC Museum of Paleontology in 2008. A work in progress, the objective is to complete the phylogeny to "family" for all extant groups, to order for extinct lineages. This is a multi-year task, and too big for one person. If you have a minute, please consider contributing to the project. Even just common name tags for nodes are very helpful!

Last Updated: 2014/07/16.
Updated Panarthropoda.

Systematics for this phylogeny: The following phylogeny consists of a well-accepted phylogenetic layout of animals, going until extant families. Low-level (i.e., more specific) nodes have common names first, with taxonomic names in parenthesis for ease of the general public. Placement of a node is based on a composite by the sources cited at the bottom, with the most recent publication taking precedence. The only non-peer reviewed source is the "Tree of Life" project, which itself cites its phylogenies; however, due to its dynamical nature, it is the last resource used.

A resolved phylogeny, even if speculative, is given priority to a phylogeny which contains polytomies.

How to use and read: To recollapse a portion of the tree, just click on it again. A "?" in front of a name indicates that its phylogenetic placement is uncertain, and a dagger (Extinct) indicates that the node and all its descendants are extinct. A "*" indicates that the node is known to be paraphyletic, and "**" indicates that an uncertain number of its child nodes are known to be paraphyletic (though the main node is not). Three stars (***) indicate both of these conditions.

Searching for a node highlights its child nodes in a box. Making this more general is a work in progress.

Linking: Since this project is constantly expanding, links to a particular node may not be stable in the long run. For stable links, use the search function to get to a node you want, and use the resulting permalink.


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Metazoa / Coelomata

Jawed Vertebrates (Gnathostomata)
Bony Vertebrates (Osteichthyes)
Fleshy-finned Vertebrates (Sarcopterygii)
    Lungfishes (Dipnoi)
    Ray-finned Fishes (Actinopterygii)
    Cartilaginous 'Fishes' (Chondrichthyes)
Sharks and Rays (Neoselachii)
    Jawless 'Fishes' (Agnatha)
    Sea stars, urchins, and cucumbers (Echinodermata)
    Extinct Trilobitomorpha
Onychophoravelvet worm
? Extinct Anomalocaridae
    Tardigradawater bear,tardigrade
    Roundworms (Nematoda)
Snails, clams, squid, etc (Mollusca)octopus,oyster
    Segmented worms (Annelida)
    Flatworms and relatives (Platyzoa)


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