Compiled Family-Level Extant Phylogeny


This phylogeny is based off work done for the UC Museum of Paleontology in 2008. A work in progress, the objective is to complete the phylogeny to "family" for all extant groups, to order for extinct lineages. This is a multi-year task, and too big for one person. If you have a minute, please consider contributing to the project. Even just common name tags for nodes are very helpful!

Last Updated: 2014/07/16.
Updated Panarthropoda.

Systematics for this phylogeny: The following phylogeny consists of a well-accepted phylogenetic layout of animals, going until extant families. Low-level (i.e., more specific) nodes have common names first, with taxonomic names in parenthesis for ease of the general public. Placement of a node is based on a composite by the sources cited at the bottom, with the most recent publication taking precedence. The only non-peer reviewed source is the "Tree of Life" project, which itself cites its phylogenies; however, due to its dynamical nature, it is the last resource used.

A resolved phylogeny, even if speculative, is given priority to a phylogeny which contains polytomies.

How to use and read: To recollapse a portion of the tree, just click on it again. A "?" in front of a name indicates that its phylogenetic placement is uncertain, and a dagger (Extinct) indicates that the node and all its descendants are extinct. A "*" indicates that the node is known to be paraphyletic, and "**" indicates that an uncertain number of its child nodes are known to be paraphyletic (though the main node is not). Three stars (***) indicate both of these conditions.

Searching for a node highlights its child nodes in a box. Making this more general is a work in progress.

Linking: Since this project is constantly expanding, links to a particular node may not be stable in the long run. For stable links, use the search function to get to a node you want, and use the resulting permalink.


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Metazoa / Coelomata

Jawed Vertebrates (Gnathostomata)
Bony Vertebrates (Osteichthyes)
Fleshy-finned Vertebrates (Sarcopterygii)
Crown-group tetrapods
Avetheropoda / Neotetanurae
    Extinct Troodontidae
Extinct (Unnamed)
Extinct Sinovenator
    Extinct Troodon
    Extinct Jinfengopteryx
    Extinct Dromaeosauridae
Extinct (Unnamed)
Extinct (Unnamed)
Extinct Eudromaeosauria
Extinct Dromaeosaurinae
Extinct Dromaeosaurus
    Extinct Utahraptor
    Extinct Velociraptorinae
Extinct (Unnamed)
Extinct (Unnamed)
Extinct (Unnamed)
Extinct Velociraptor
    Extinct Deinonychus
    Extinct Saurornitholestes
    Extinct Tsaagan
    Extinct Bambiraptor
    Extinct Microraptorinae
    Extinct Unenlagiinae
Extinct Unenlagia
    Extinct Austroraptor
    Extinct Mahakala
    Extinct (Unnamed)
Extinct Epidendrosaurus
    Extinct Epidexipteryx
    Extinct (Unnamed)
Extinct Oviraptorosauria
    Extinct Therizinosauroidea
    Extinct (Unnamed)
Extinct Alvarezsauria
Extinct Alvarezsauridae
Extinct Parvicursorinae
Extinct Mononykini
Extinct Mononykus
    Extinct Shuvuuia
    Extinct Ceratonykini
    Extinct Alvarezsaurus
    Extinct Patagonykinae
Extinct Patagonykus
    Extinct Bonapartenykus
    Extinct Ornithomimosauria
    Extinct Tyrannosauroidea
    Extinct Compsognathidae
    Extinct Carnosauria
Extinct Allosauridae
    Extinct Sinraptoridae
    Extinct Carcharodontosauridae
Extinct Spinosauroidea
    Extinct Szechuanosaurus
    Extinct Ceratosauria
    Extinct Sauropodomorpha
    Extinct Ornithischia
    Extinct Pterosauria
Extinct Rauisuchia *
Extinct Ornithosuchidae
    Extinct Stagonolepididae
    Extinct Phytosauria
    Extinct Euparkeria
    Extinct Prolacertiformes
    ? Extinct Icthyosauria
    Extinct Araeoscelidia
    ? Anapsida
? Testudinesturtle,tortoise
    Extinct Pareiasauridae
    Extinct Procolophonidae
    Extinct Bolosauridae
    Extinct Millerettidae
    Extinct Mesosauridae
    Extinct Tulerpeton
    Extinct Ichthyostega
    Extinct Acanthostega
Extinct Ventastega
    Extinct Metaxygnathus
    Lungfishes (Dipnoi)
    Ray-finned Fishes (Actinopterygii)
    Cartilaginous 'Fishes' (Chondrichthyes)
Sharks and Rays (Neoselachii)
    Jawless 'Fishes' (Agnatha)
    Sea stars, urchins, and cucumbers (Echinodermata)
    Extinct Trilobitomorpha
Onychophoravelvet worm
? Extinct Anomalocaridae
    Tardigradawater bear,tardigrade
    Roundworms (Nematoda)
Snails, clams, squid, etc (Mollusca)octopus,oyster
    Segmented worms (Annelida)
    Flatworms and relatives (Platyzoa)


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